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B.Bahrain has been one of the Gulf’s most essential business junction for more than 4,000 years.The word Bahrain signifies ‘two oceans’ in Arabic, demonstrating how the nation’s geographic position as a gathering of islands has been critical all through its history.As the place that is known for the antiquated Dilmun human progress, Bahrain has for some time been an exchanging focus connecting east and west. The nation has profited from its position at the focal point of the Gulf’s exchange courses and Rich Pearl jumping industry.By the mid-nineteenth century, the nation was the Gulf’s pre-prominent exchange center point, developing as an advanced state. Shippers from nations over the Gulf and past set up themselves on the islands.

Bahrain was the primary Gulf state to find oil, in 1932, and in the previous 40 years has driven the provincial move to a present day economy. Therefore, as the primary Gulf state to move far from reliance on oil, we have turned into the area’s most broadened and diversified  econony. Specifically, the nation has turned into the locale’s driving money related focus since the 1980s. From that point forward assembling, logistics, interchanges, proficient administrations and land have likewise gotten to be critical areas.bnew-4


Type: Constitutional Monarchy.
Independence: August 15, 1971 (from the UK).

Constitution: Approved and promulgated May 26, 1973; suspended on August 26, 1975; amended and approved by a national popular referendum again on February 14-15, 2001.

Branches: Executive–King (chief of state); Prime Minister (head of government); Council of Ministers (cabinet) is appointed by the King and headed by the Prime Minister.

Legislative–The bicameral parliament consists of a 40-member elected House of Deputies and a 40-member Shura Council appointed by the King. Members of both chambers serve four-year terms.  Judicial–High Civil Appeals Court. The judiciary is independent with right of judicial review.

Administrative subdivisions: 12 municipalities (manatiq): Al Hidd, Al Manamah, Al Mintaqah al Gharbiyah, Al Mintaqah al Wusta, Al Mintaqah ash Shamaliyah, Al Muharraq, Ar Rifa’ wa al Mintaqah al Janubiyah, Jidd Hafs, Madinat Hamad, Madinat ‘Isa, Juzur Hawar, Sitrah.

Political parties: None. Formal parties are banned but political societies have been formally sanctioned since 2001.

On February 14, 2002, one year after the submission embracing his National Action Charter, Shaikh Hamad purported Bahrain a government and changed his protected status from Amir to King. He at the same time declared that the main civil races since 1957 would be held in May 2002, and that a bicameral parliament, with a delegate lower house, would be reconstituted with parliamentary races in October 2002.



  • Population:
  • 1.2 million
  • GDP (PPP):
  • $61.9 billion
  • 4.7% growth
  • 4.0% 5-year compound annual growth
  • $51,714 per capita


Bahrain’s economy recuperated some ground in the main quarter of this current year, in the wake of disillusioning development in 2015. Q1’s 4.5% year-on-year development was the after effect of a great bounce back in the key oil division, which exhibited how much the kingdom’s financial execution still depends on crude.

In 2014 Bahrain exported $13.2B, making it the 81st biggest exporter on the planet. Amid the most recent five years the fares of Bahrain have expanded at an annualized rate of 5.4%, from $10.1B in 2009 to $13.2B in 2014. The latest fares are driven by Refined Petroleum which speak to 29.2% of the aggregate fares of Bahrain, trailed by Aluminum Bars, which represent 6.24%.

In 2014 Bahrain imported $19.7B, making it the 79th biggest importer on the planet. Amid the most recent five years the imports of Bahrain have expanded at an annualized rate of 8.8%, from $12.9B in 2009 to $19.7B in 2014. The latest imports are driven by Crude Petroleum which speak to 35% of the aggregate imports of Bahrain, trailed via Cars, which represent 7.18%.

The top export destinations of Bahrain are Saudi Arabia ($3.02B), the United Arab Emirates ($1.4B), the United States ($1.14B), Mozambique($700M) and South Korea ($580M). The top import origins are Saudi Arabia ($7.81B), China ($1.67B), the United Arab Emirates ($1.05B),Japan ($983M) and the United States ($944M).


E.The vast majority of the populace, around 85 % in Bahrain is Muslim, whatever is left of the minority being Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Parsee. Islam is the state religion. Most of the Muslims (70%) are Shiites.


F.The official dialect of Bahrain is Arabic, however English is generally talked also. It is utilized as a part of business and is a mandatory second dialect in schools. What’s more, all signs are in both English and Arabic. Given the extensive size of ostracize populace in Bahrain, an assortment of different dialects are likewise broadly talked, for example, Urdu, Hindi and Farsi.


G.Bahraini law does not contain sufficient assurances with the expectation of complimentary discourse, given arrangements that boycott feedback of the illustrious family, the spreading of false news amid war, or offending the outside government officials. The web, at present the final ground with the expectation of complimentary expression seekers in Bahrain, kept on succumbing to tight reconnaissance and confinements on discourse in 2014-2015. Whether tweeting under monikers or genuine names, clients confronted capture, indictment, and regularly abuse on account of security powers for everything from genuine government feedback to sarcastic jokes about the late Saudi ruler.

Bahraini journalists who record road showings face physical savagery, discretionary confinement, and torment in care. Notwithstanding slander and other discourse related offenses, the powers have utilized evidently created charges of attacking cops to confine news suppliers and activists.

Bahrain hosts six privately owned daily newspapers, four in Arabic and two in English. While some of these papers can be critical of the government, only Al-Wasat is considered truly independent of government influence, though its editors practice self-censorship. The government does not own any newspapers, but the IAA maintains significant control over private publications.

The government keeps up an imposing business model on local communicate media. Private telecom licenses are not granted regardless of proceeded with enthusiasm from media proprietors. Outside radio and transmissions are for the most part gotten without obstruction, and the lion’s share of families have admittance to satellite stations; Qatar’s Al-Jazeera and Saudi-possessed Al-Arabiya, which is situated in the United Arab Emirates, stay Bahraini natives’ fundamental wellsprings of news. The web is additionally broadly utilized as a news and data source. Exactly 91 percent of Bahrain’s populace got to the web in 2014.


H.Bahraini man arrested in UK for gang-rape

Bahraini news, news of Bahrain:

UK news,

US news- does not provide the same story, however, if they did, news would travel fast across Al Jazeera, CNN, and NY times.

J.Bahrain Public Relations Association (BPRA) unequivocally censured persistent Iranian obstruction in Bahrain’s internal affairs. It hammered the Iranian powers which try to fuel pressures, destabilize the area, fan the blazes of partisan strife and drive wedges between individuals of the same religion and country. The affiliation said that such subversive pretends in the hands of the adversaries of the Arab and Islamic countries and energizes rebellion and pressures, pummeling Iran’s inability to focus on the standards of good neighborliness and common appreciation of state sway.

In an announcement today, it encouraged a conclusion to such proclamations which develop disdain and malignity amongst states and people groups and abuse the global law and the UN standards which advocate appreciation of nations’ autonomy and power and non-obstruction in their interior issues. The announcement advised against such threatening explanations which would just harm great neighborliness and further entangle the circumstance and dangers imperiling the security of Arabian Gulf locale. Bahrain Public Relations Association encouraged steadfast individuals to stand joined together and rally behind the insightful initiative to foil nonstop Iranian animosity.



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