Script writing workshop



Introduction of the Anchor


Medium Shot on the Anchor

Opening Graphics: lower thirds on Anchor; (0:5 secs)

Hold medium shot for (0:7 secs)



Role twelve-second clip of: Samuel Youngquist

Graphics: lower thirds on Samuel; (0:7 secs)

Hold Clip for (0:12 secs)





Medium Shot on Anchor; VO;(0:5 secs)

Hold shot for (0:5 secs)




Role ten-second clip: Rosie Paulino

Graphics: lower thirds on Rosie; (0:7 secs)

Hold Clip for (0:10 secs)




Role twelve-second clip: Pilar Griffey

Graphics: lower thirds on Pilar; (0:7secs)

Hold lip for (0:12 secs)









Opening music


VO; Good evening Rams, I’m your host Sachiko Jayaratne and today on our headlines one of the top story is the gas leak at coppola high school.




VO; our regular evacuation route takes us to the football field, but that’s downwind from the pool and in the open air, so we moved everyone to the mall. The kids enjoyed the break but are worried about their exams.


VO; Some Students were devastated by the sound of the alarm, Here’s 11th-grader Rosie Paulino describing her situation;



VO; I was right in the middle of my chemistry final when the alarm sounded and the principal came on over the loudspeaker sounding a little nervous. He said something like ‘This is not a drill.’


VO; The maintenance guys who caused this mess should be forced to pay. Do you know how long I studied for my algebra final? And, what?  Now instead of raising my grade I’m sitting in a food court eating French fries and wasting my time. This is so stupid.




Feature Story

He talks about golf, and only golf – 18 years with the sport by his side, since
the day he started to walk.
David Ravetto, a freshman business management manager, left his home in France to come to
Texas Wesleyan. Although he had the opportunity to attend other colleges, David combined his
golf techniques with his academic skills along to earn a better scholarship at Wesleyan.
“I was not worried about moving to Texas,” he said. “Being on the Wesleyan golf team is by far
the best decision I’ve made as a golf player.”
And David is quite the exceptional golf player, known for winning the individual national title
for the golf team. His immense hard work reflects both on the course and in the classroom.
“Golf has been major part of my life,” David said. “It all started when my grandfather
participated in a few competitions during his high school years in France.”
David as not come across a better golf team than the one he’s found at Wesleyan. He enjoys
playing with the diverse group of international students that make up the team.
“The golf team has athletes from all over the world.” He said. “I enjoy my time here, and what’s
important is that I get to work with a large number of international student athletes.”
Head Coach Bobby Cornett enjoys having David on the team as much as he enjoys being a part
of it.
“He is one of the most humble and best golf players the team has received so far,” Cornett said.
“His potential and skills are of a very young star that is rising to be a successful athlete.”
But David has impressed more than just his coach. He has also impressed his teammates, like
Leo Mathard, a sophomore business management major.
“David is one of the best team players I’ve worked with,” Leo said. “His work has influenced me
to be motivated and follow my dreams as a successful golf player.”
Leo grew up with David in France, and has competed in many competitions with David. To Leo,
David is more of a brother than a friend.
“David has a tendency to drive you in the right direction, regardless if it golf or not,” Leo said.
“He is definitely a pusher.”

Their six years of friendship help keep both of them from feeling homesick, Leo said.
“I usually stay in Texas for Christmas break,” he said. “With David around, I could never ask for
a better companion.”
Coming from the same country makes it easier for them to stay in touch with doing what they
love the most, which is golf.
“Golf would’ve been boring without David,” Mathard said. “Practicing with him makes practice
more fun and interesting.”

Final Project Proposal

Commitment statement;

  • David Swiatoscha is an athlete at Texas Wesleyan university, he is a part of the cross country team and is a senior studying exercise science. He is a determined student with a goal in life to balance his academic life with his athletic side. A part-time employee at Morton Fitness center.

Access to the subject;

  • A direct conversation with the subject just to start things off smoothly, because it is important to get to know the subject and be familiar with them. Later, sum up all the interview questions you would want to throw on the table.

Arc of the story;

  • His 4 years of experience at Wesleyan and how he overcame some of the hurdles during his time studying at Wesleyan. How he manged to balance his athletics with his academics. What’s his message to young freshman’s who are seeking the same degree or any degree in general. The arc of the story is the general idea of him sharing his journey at Texas Wesleyan as a successful athlete.

What the viewer is likely to see;

  • The viewer can decide if the story is going to bring him/her inspiration. The basic idea of the story is to effectively show the viewer that it is possible to balance your academics with other extracurricular activities. Also, getting involved in other activities in college is highly important.

Reason viewer would be interested;

  • This is debatable and majorly in the hands of the audience to decide whether is it usefull or not. Therefore, the focused audience is going to be, college students. College students seek many desires while driving down the road to earning their degree, however, keeping a great poise at things could be a struggle. Therefore, this feature story would help them jot down ideas on what to plan for their next step.

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