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Annotated Bibliography – Causes of Human Trafficking a huge problem & Christianity and its simple truth. 



Video Rhetorical Analysis – Paper Planes

Communication and Rhetoric

M.I.A — Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam

Theme and Social Impact

M.I.A’s. “Paper Planes” is a splendid pop melody, an overpoweringly snappy three-minute head-bopper that turned out to be practically universal on the radio in late 2008. However, behind the tune’s vaporous melody, slamming bass line, and finger-snapping beat hides a horrid and notwithstanding aggravating melodious message. This is a melody that components verses in which M.I.A. raps proudly about dodging border police, producing fake visas, selling crack, and delivering “lethal poison to the system.”

My interpretation of her verses is a humorous depiction of the hoodlum hooligan thuggish kind of attitude “all i wanna do is shoot you motherf****s and take your da*n money” and anticipating that to the global scene and The War on Terror.

M.I.A also known as Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, has what you may call a fairly fascinating past. In addition to the fact that she was brought up in Sri Lanka, in the midst of the mayhem of their 22 year civil war, she was a daughter of one of the establishing individual from the Tamil Tigers.


Racial Roles:  

First and foremost, this is an immigrant song. M.I.A. demands, nonetheless, that she has been misconstrued, that the song was planned not to support antisocial behavior but rather to mock across negative stereotypes about immigrants. The “character” rapping in “Paper Planes” is not, then, the genuine M.I.A. but instead an anecdotal hooligan speaking to the whole of all partialities about dark-skinned foreigners supposedly menacing Western society.   


Paper planes middle verse;

“No one on the corner has swagger like us
Hit me on my banner, prepaid wireless
We pack and deliver like UPS trucks
Already going to hell just pumping that gas”

She’s talking about the phones drug dealers use and how they’re packing and delivering drugs “like UPS trucks”. The drugs are definitely part of what she’s talking about but not to the exclusion of everything else. Everything is at our fingertips and we can do anything ie; buy/sell/steal all with the simple touch of a button. Also given her father’s involvement with the Tamil tigers, maybe the prepaid wireless and UPS truck references are about using a cell phone as a remote detonator for a truck bomb.


A couple of years prior MIA was denied a visa by the United States. The reason was viewed as the lyrics in her collection Sunflowers, which appear to “extol the virtues” the Tamil Tigers. U.S. authorities interpreted it as meaning that she was partnered somehow, with no confirmation and the fact that she had already obtained proper documentation to enter the U.S.

Hence this verse;

“If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name

If you come around here, I make ‘em all day

I get one down in a second if you wait”

The song is a mocking and emphatic “screw you” to anyone making erroneous assumptions about illegal aliens, terrorists, drug dealers and the songwriters who sing about them.

The typical controversy of her being called a terrorist in this song is because, we have been trained to label smart people that see what is happening in the world for what it is, as “terrorists”.

Why? because fear is the easiest motivator. All “they” have to do is charge you with conspiracy, on some kind of “terrorism” and NOBODY will believe a word you say. NOBODY will take you seriously. and…. if you don’t get killed, then you will spend your life behind bars. Because thats how it works.

s/Moral Pluralism:

“Paper Planes” may be seen as an immigrants anarchic daydream, a dream vision of swinging to gangsterism to achieve an American Dream and again denied by the terrible reality of minimum-wage employment. On the off chance that standard society’s message is “There ain’t no need for ya / Go straight to hell”, then the immigrant might wish his response could be “All I wanna do is [BANG BANG BANG BANG] / And [KA-CHING] / And take ya money.” But in reality—as the video for “Paper Planes” suggests—he’s most likely to keep on simply working his long days of manual labor, no matter how frightened of him you might be.

In a 2008 interview, M.I.A. proposed that this importance was what she had as a primary concern while composing “Paper Planes”: The song, she said, is “about individuals driving taxicabs throughout the day and living in a  condo and showing up truly undermining to society. In any case, not being so. Because, when you’ve wrapped up a 20-hour shift, you’re so drained you simply need to return home to the family. I don’t think migrants are that debilitating to society by any stretch of the imagination. They’re simply cheerful they’ve survived some war somewhere.

Rhetorical Tetrahedron:

Ethos – Besides the fact that she had one hit in 2008, M.I.A. remains bolted into our understanding of South Asia and the world. There is so much I and other diaspora brown society interpret through her — when she flipped off the Superbowl audience in 2012, I legitimized it before long to myself and everybody around me: she was flipping off the foundation, organizations, the general population that needed to weaken her sound, us, you, me, the world, everything. I contributed such my very own large amount goals for South Asian representation and control in her, however with a reliable descending pattern and just a couple love-certifying spikes, it’s difficult to keep an enthusiasm for Maya Arulpragasam.

Pathos – I kinda think we owe M.I.A. a huge thank you for infusing her quite inconspicuous yet powerfull and politically mocking connotations (sarcastic tones) to her music. Unfortunately, in our super-size, drive thru, soundbite loving culture, it will fly directly over the leaders of the most minimal shared variables who’ll be getting their undies tied up in a pack supposing that you’re by one means or another supporting psychological warfare in light of the fact that your’re diverse, on the grounds that you’re brown and from an irregular far away place.

Logos – As effective as this clarification for the verses of “Paper Planes” might be, there are other potential implications at play here too. M.I.A. composed the song in the wake of spending the better part of a year buried in the administration of the Department of Homeland Security, not able to get a legitimate visa to enter the United States.

Claims? What are the main claims of the image?

As for the main claim of the image, the artist gives an excellent explanation.

Maya says: 

“You can’t separate the world into two parts like that, good and evil. Terrorism is a method. But America has successfully tied all these pockets of independence struggles, revolutions and extremists into one big notion of terrorism. You can’t grab someone by the neck and choke them and then complain they’re kicking you. If you’re going around oppressing people, they will fight back…”

What’s your cure?

Communication and Rhetoric


Mine are long drives and not knowing where to stop. That is basically how I would express my journey seeking the purpose of life.  

Many of us keep ourselves so occupied between work, tasks and our leisure activities that there’s truly little time to contemplate the significance of life.

However, every now and then, somewhere in the back of our heads, we have a nagging feeling that there must be something more. There must be a purpose for our lives—something we were intended to be or fulfill.

Thoughts like these can come to our minds at those candidly charged transition times of our life: when we leave home, land our first position, get married, have kids, have an empty nest or retire.

Being helped to remember our own particular mortality can lead us to break down our lives and look for more profound meaning to it all.

It’s the most important philosophical question; yet in the meantime, it is deeply useful. Knowing our motivation provides guidance to our lives. An existence brimming with purpose for existing is an existence of essentialness, fervor and eventually achievement.

“Whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them. I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure, for my heart rejoiced in all my labor; and this was my reward from all my labor. Then I looked on all the works that my hands had done and on the labor in which I had toiled; and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind” (Ecclesiastes 2:10-11).

Schaeffers’ got it all figured out for us.

Communication and Rhetoric

francis-schaeffer-3Francis August Schaeffer was an American Evangelical Christian scholar, thinker, and Presbyterian pastor. He is most popular for his compositions and his foundation of the L’Abri people group in Switzerland. Restricted to religious innovation, Schaeffer advanced a more notable Protestant confidence and a presuppositional way to deal with Christian rational theology which he  believed would answer the questions of the age. Schaeffer indicates why profound quality and flexibility have disintegrated in our general public. He requires a huge development in government, law, and all of life-to restore our Judeo-Christian establishment and turn the tide of good decadence and loss of freedom.  



A Christian Manifesto –



This excellent article talks about worldview, with the bias being Christianity. Schaeffer makes his point for Christianity and the motivation behind why humanism has no firm establishment. This article is a reaction to humanism and its pronouncements throughout the most recent century. schaefferexplainsSchaeffer seems to have a good grasp on presuppositional argumentation and application of God’s Word. “The basic problem of the Christians in this country in the last eighty years or so, in regard to society and in regard to government, is that they have seen things in bits and pieces instead of totals.” This Indicates how the common, humanist perspective is contradictory to the Christian perspective, and shows the good, political, and legitimate outcomes which spill out of each perspective.  

Ask, seek and knock; Matthew 7:7

Communication and Rhetoric

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”


This super straightforward phrase has got me thinking for a while. Because it is not so straightforward and people who think they know Christ and who think they know the bible inside out actually doesn’t know the real exact meaning of the verse of ‘Matthew 7:7.’



−Last week, I found myself having a conversation with a group of people who claimed to be Christ followers and who were indeed thorough with their scripture. Well, turns out that this conversation does not really go well for me, Because it turns out their view on ““ask and you will receive” means “ask for anything you want and I’ll give it to you,”


−Not exactly what I expected. BECAUSE if thats what the verses mean to you then, you have turned the Lord into a cosmic genie who serves your every whim. 




 However, my understanding on the verses are, God will always give us good things. Our job is to understand what is good, so that we know what to ask for. The natural mind cannot understand this. But, when we offer ourselves as “a living sacrifice” and are transformed by the renewing of our minds, then we “will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:1–2). Then, asking for what we need in faith, we will have all we need for life and godliness and fullness of joy (John 16:24).

Raised in a Buddhist home; seeking for more.

Communication and Rhetoric

Hey my fellow keepers, sorry it’s been a while; I know it is the weekend, but this college grind does not let you do what you love, which is ‘just chilling!’ somehow books get in the way and own every possible weekend! ABSURD!!! I know. 

I guess my title gave it all away. Sure I come from a Buddhist family; and some of the Buddhist concepts that has been introduced to me make a lot of sense, for instance; the 4 noble truths;


With this distinctive view of cause and effect,
Buddhism accepts the pan-Indian presupposition of samsara, in which living beings are trapped in a continual cycle of birth-and-death,  with the momentum to rebirth provided by one’s previous physical and mental actions (see karma). The release from this cycle of rebirth and suffering is the total transcendence called nirvana.” fullsizerender-4

According to Buddhism living beings are trapped in a continuous cycle of life and death, but based on the wrongs and rights you manage to commit, which is karma.

‘what goes around comes around’ 

As far as my understanding goes, this is just great! I love it! Buddhism is generally freedom. The consequences are based on your actions, however you want to deal with it, it is totally up to you. However, you have to face it at the end of the day. That is my concept!

Agree or no? 


Also read “Accept the fact that actions have consequences.” 

The basic answer is that Buddhism is excessively boundless and excessively significant, making it impossible, making it impossible to be conveniently put in any single classification. Obviously, Buddhism incorporates rationality and religion and a lifestyle. Be that as it may, Buddhism goes past these classes.





What teaches the nature of real reality? How great would it feel to be known to something/someone who sees past all you and your negativity and sometimes confusion? 



I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN “The way to be right with God in every religion is by earning your way”.

It depends on works, not grace. Christianity is unique in relation to each religion in this angle: every single other religion express that you should acquire the privilege to be accommodated with God. It is by what you do in this life that decides your endless predetermination.

“The difference between Christianity and every other faith in the world is that all other religions are about man trying to reach up to God. Christianity is about God reaching down to man.”








Problems with definitions of ‘Religion’

Communication and Rhetoric

The English word “religion” comes from the Middle English “religioun” which originated from the Old French “religion.” It might have been initially derived from the Latin word “religo” which signifies “great faith,” “ritual,” and other comparable implications. On the other hand it might have originated from the Latin “religâre” which signifies “to tie fast” or “tie together.” – Definition of the word religion.

What I think is, as far as Characterizing the word “religion” is loaded with trouble. Numerous endeavors have been made. Numerous individuals concentrate on an exceptionally contract definition that matches their own particular religion, yet few if any others. 



″Religion is a system of beliefs or a code of moral conduct that judges a person based on their adherence and obedience to certain codes, rules, laws, traditions, or the performance of required acts.″



Being born and raised in a Buddhist home, I have only questioned myself, how can you label yourself to being identified to a particular religion? 

Should we label children based on the religious beliefs of their parents?  In this article Sarah Ager, a writer for ABC on religion and ethics speaks my mind. 

“Being free to choose allows young people to feel more connected to their beliefs, even if they continue in the same faith tradition as their parents, because they’ve actively taken ownership of them.” – Sarah Ager

When you grow old you come to a point where you realize that life only takes chances and the decisions you make are what shapes your path. Weather it’s freedom, truth or anything – as long as it makes more sense to you. 

»It is what you’re made of and not the circumstances.leading-lines-iphone-photos-23


An Islander in Fort Worth, with her usual ‘brown’ thoughts.

Communication and Rhetoric


Folks, I’m brown and I like curry; I mean, it’s alright. But… just for the sake of it, this is what actual curry looks like!
If I’m not enough, click here
to see what real curry looks like.






Exactly three years ago this time of the year, I experienced a whole new world which I thought only existed in Hollywood movies. I mean, it was real! Stockyards to rodeos and the exotic downtown Fort worth and then, the huge pause.. College.

Still collecting my thoughts as to why I’m in college, but hang on, I’m actually starting to think why I was chosen to go down this path. I experienced partially a good/bad side adjusting to the American culture. It was definitely a learning process, and I’m still learning.

For the past three years Fort Worth has been my comfort zone and yes it is home to me.





Just a throwback to my first semester, when I fell in love with the city. 






Fort Worth, 2014







     Fort Worth, Stockyards                                          







Fort Worth, Downtown

Coming from a third world country this city didn’t treat me any different. Absolutely love the people and well, the weather isn’t too bad, mainly because Sri Lanka is extremely hot too. Going to College has taught me so much about being independent and adjusting myself to able to live alone without my family. However, in the process I’ve managed make too many friends! and it     just only gets better from there.




Provocative Advertisement Assignment – Grown Woman,Beyonce live for now – Pepsi commercial

Communication and Rhetoric

The worldwide association is the following cycle of Pepsi’s “Live for the time being” brand soul, which urges fans to grasp the NOW and be at the epicenter of, and characterizing, popular society A mentality shared by both Beyoncé and Pepsi.

It is additionally the present foundation of Pepsi’s leap forward, worldwide music technique which underpins rising, rising and notable stars alike by furnishing them with really worldwide achieve, limited time support and creative assets.

The spot entitled “Mirrors”, one of the main innovative joint effort components of the organization, sees Beyoncé’s most notorious identities from her past; including “Bootylicious” Beyoncé, “Sasha Fierce” and “crazy in Love” Beyoncé clash in a move off in a reflected studio.

As it advances, Beyoncé reproduces her most noteworthy moves before being propelled to make a crisp, at no other time seen schedule. “Mirrors” annals Beyoncé’s acknowledgment that every one of these encounters and personas helped her get to be her identity NOW, much like the narrative of a “Developed Woman” – the ideal visual epitome of the “Live For Now” mark ethos.

The idea of pathos in this ad was quite simple because Beyoncé looked happy by the end of the commercial and continues to drink her Pepsi. Whereas as appeals to logos, I don’t think this commercial appealed to logos; because the idea was a little far-fetched and not realistic. This was promotion for Beyonce’s halftime execution at the Super Bowl, so it engaged many individuals, primarily football fans, and Beyonce fans.

Confidence and aggressiveness is what the Pepsi movie type commercial with leading role models strives for. The movements in situations keep the group of onlookers interested of what will happen next. In this business Pepsi is given an image of reward after Beyonce end her mission and drink the irresistible Pepsi.

The target audience would be women, showing that they also can be relentless and unstoppable. This is appeared by Beyonce’s  strength and agility performing with precision. This ad shows he power of a beautiful women’s confidence and what she may be capable of doing for what she desire’s.

The ad itself didn’t have uh color in it however Beyonce may be wearing all black, but it’s her nails that are doing the taking! The nail wraps are a mix of fun, tribal prints and bold colors like yellow, blue, green and red. 

Beyonce is used to approve to their followers on anyone that knows them that Pepsi is such a refreshing but attractive drink of some kind. 

Pepsi idolizes the beauty, sexiness and courage that the two artist are known for so women of mostly middle age will feel they need Pepsi for all the above. 








Reflection on “Everything’s a Remix”

Communication and Rhetoric

Everything can be remixed now a days without any cost. It doesn’t even take any specific skills. People remix almost everything and the tools that are available for these can be downloaded through the internet.

The video talked about many different aspects of remix’s that had been evolved from the past. Photos, music, Movies can all be remixed with the use of many software’s. In the first part they showed Led Zeppelin as a ripoff. They used music and lyrics from other popular artists without giving them credit. Which is not usually the right thing to do specially if you are using someone else’s work.

I think it’s amazing how movies have been transformed originally from cartoons and books. The Genre system is quite demanding, genres such as horror, Suspense, Comedy, action and more are the popular ones. These are very entertaining genres and in the future I think it’ll only get better.