Corporate Video Critiques

Advanced Digital Production
Video 1 –

1.     This video is about celebrating 30 years of Mac. The video briefly describes ‘Apple’ and its products. Furthermore how convenient the device is and how the world engages in using the product.

2.     1:27

3.     In 2014, Apple contacted Jake Scott to produce a video celebrating thirty years of Mac. Scott tasked videographers with using iPhones to capture video from around the world on the same day.

4.     It emphasizes the use of the product around the world. I would say it is a very inspirational video because apple has used instances where the device can be used and for what.

5.     I think it is a motivating and a promotional piece; we also know that majority uses apple and the video also gives us a hint by using many situations where the device comes in to play.

6.     Using the device in the outdoors, homes, office, sports, and musicals.

7.     There were no interviews in this video, just inspirational visuals and quotes about the device.

8.     The difference between the two videos was that, Apple is a product and they were celebrating its birthday.

9.     Businesses, High-end companies and people in general.

10.  These are great videos; although I would edit in a different style. The lighting they have used natural lighting a lot, but also edited in a software. Use of effects and transitions is fairy great as there are no complicated type of transitions.

11.  Fade in at the beginning but not at the end.

12.  I would have captured more footage of people using the device and more happy moments.

Video 2 –

1. The second video is about a boy who doesn’t give up on his dreams.

2.     2:31

3.     Was created by King Cross Media.

4.     I think this video is way different to the previous video, because, the use of shots is like telling a story, it is very filmy and it is like a very short movie about ‘there is always way’. It emphasizes hard work and patience of a young boy.

5.     This is a motivational video for everyone I think, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams; because there is always a way.

6.     Hard work and patience.

7.     There were no interviews in this video, because, the visuals says it all.

8.     Yes, the difference was this particular video was like a short movie; it was in order and was telling a story.

9.     Motivation to the young generation mostly because they used a boy to show how your age or size doesn’t matter.

10.  I mainly like the lighting of the video because I like gloomy type of video and transitions were used wisely also there were some amazing shots.

11.  It began with the name of the production company, however there was a fade in.

12.  I wouldn’t start the video with the name of the production company instead I would just do a fade in.



Advanced Digital Production, Writing

Intro- Broll of campus sites and MS on mass communications logo.

MS on Dr. Colley

Close-up on Dr. Colley

MS on Dr. Ferman

Close-up on Dr. Ferman

MS on Dr. Akinro

Close-up on Dr. Akinro

MS on Dr. Colley

B-roll of Dr. Colley in action (meetings, class)

MS on Dr. Ferman

B-roll of Dr. Ferman in action (meetings, class)

MS on Dr. Akinro

B-roll of Dr. Akinro in action (meetings, class)





Here at Texas Wesleyan where smaller and smarter begins with the mass communications department.






Department description


Department description


Department description




Advanced Digital Production, Writing
Program Needs Analysis

Production Number: AA-001

Date: 03/02/2017

Working Title: Mass Communication Corporate Video

Subject: Texas Wesleyan Mass Communication Department

Client: Texas Wesleyan Mass Communications Department

Other Approvals: Not Applicable

Content Experts: Sachiko Jayaratne, Chalon Anderson, Colt Taylor

Deadline: April 21, 2017

It will cost $0 and a lot of time, and it will be used as promotional material for the mass communication department and will hopefully inspire current students and draw in new ones.


  • Mass communications needs more publicity and exposure for itself.


  • The department requires a corporate video and we have been called in to create one.

Relationship to company goals

  • The video will bring in new students and excite current students for the mass communications program.


  • Texas Wesleyan students and anyone considering the mass communications program.

Audience Demographics

  • Most of the audience is high school educated and from diverse backgrounds.

Audience Interest/Needs

  • Students interested in the mass communications department will learn more about it and students already in the program will learn about their own major.

Audience Knowledge and Experience

  • Our audience will have had some experience with the mass communications department, however newest viewers will not have experience the program.

Audience Attitude

  • The audience will be mostly indifferent to the video, therefore, excitement will need to be added to keep their interest.


  • Our objective is to highlight the best parts of the mass communications department and put it on full display for the viewers.


Advanced Digital Production, Writing
Hourglass productions

Client: Dr. K. Colley

Production staff:

Colt Taylor– Writer. Interviewing, question writing, and script writing.

Sachiko Jayaratne– Manager/producer. Ensures project goals being met, interviews subjects, and procures equipment.

Chalon Anderson– Director. Provides a unified vision for the video.


Our work focuses on producing quality Corperate videos, paying special attention to our client’s requests.

For this video our goal is to highlight the Texas Wesleyan Mass Communications department, and all the facets that make it unique.

Objectives include, but are not limited to, interviewing Dr. Colley, Interviewing, Dr. Cummings, Interviewing Dr. Akinro, Interviewing Dr. Ferman, shooting events pertaining to the different parts of the mass communications department, and covering the mass communications event later in the semester.

We will share what makes each of their areas of study unique throughout our video to everyone who will be watching.


In our business structure, the client is on top, with the managers and staff serving under them. this ensures our clients unique needs are always met, and that what they say goes before what anyone else thinks.

Meeting strategies:

We keep in contact with our client through regular direct meetings and emails. Phone calls are also acceptable when appropriate.

The video is a traditional style recording, and will contain a combination of music, video, and audio material, as well as still images pertaining to the content.

Current budget: $3.99

Equipment required: camera, computer, and video editing software.

Expected Timeline:

Feb– Complete initial interviews, film general campus and classroom shots, decide on music.

March– Complete follow up interviews, and prepare for Mass com event.

April– complete video with footage from mass com event, and turn in.