An Islander in Fort Worth, with her usual ‘brown’ thoughts.

Communication and Rhetoric


Folks, I’m brown and I like curry; I mean, it’s alright. But… just for the sake of it, this is what actual curry looks like!
If I’m not enough, click here
to see what real curry looks like.






Exactly three years ago this time of the year, I experienced a whole new world which I thought only existed in Hollywood movies. I mean, it was real! Stockyards to rodeos and the exotic downtown Fort worth and then, the huge pause.. College.

Still collecting my thoughts as to why I’m in college, but hang on, I’m actually starting to think why I was chosen to go down this path. I experienced partially a good/bad side adjusting to the American culture. It was definitely a learning process, and I’m still learning.

For the past three years Fort Worth has been my comfort zone and yes it is home to me.





Just a throwback to my first semester, when I fell in love with the city. 






Fort Worth, 2014







     Fort Worth, Stockyards                                          







Fort Worth, Downtown

Coming from a third world country this city didn’t treat me any different. Absolutely love the people and well, the weather isn’t too bad, mainly because Sri Lanka is extremely hot too. Going to College has taught me so much about being independent and adjusting myself to able to live alone without my family. However, in the process I’ve managed make too many friends! and it     just only gets better from there.





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