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I’m real, I’m original, but most of all I’m brown! And I embrace it with a heartbeat.

Here, you’ll partially get to know me on a personal level, but you’re not going to be happy because I’ll be the one that you’ll miss the most! 

Sri lankan inside and out; well, in other words ‘Lankan to the last drop’ yes, I’ve got brown written all over me. I like to share my culture with you right now, and I mean right now.

I eat with my right hand, and I mean with my bare hands, You all should try it sometime. It is a must. 

I’m currently a Junior at Texas Wesleyan university. majoring in Mass Communications, and I currently  enjoy my experience working as reporter and news anchor at Texas Wesleyan. I love creating videos, short documentaries, and I happen to be in an all girl band, so I enjoy playing the guitar during my free time!

Here, you can find samples of my work and more about my passion as a video journalist. Feel free to click on everything!



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